Project Tracking and Overtime Management

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Time Tracking

Track projects, tasks, customers with one tap on iPhone and Apple Watch

Overtime Management

Always know how many hours you have worked, your current overtime, and when to leave.

Apple Watch

Control from your wrist: Switch projects and tags and get a summary of your day's work in the Actionis Apple Watch app.

Complications: Display today's work duration, the current project, and the time to leave directly on your watch faces.


Overtime Overview

Always know your daily, weekly, and monthly overtime.

Break Handling

Automatically subtract fixed breaks (e.g. 10 min. per day), time-based breaks (e.g. break from 9:00 a.m.–9:15 a.m.), and duration-based breaks (e.g. at least 45 min break after 9 h of work).


Privacy: All data stay on your device unless you explicitly export them or back them up.

Your data are yours: Export all your tracked activities as human-readable XML files to use them elsewhere—or to import them back into Actionis.

Native iOS: Actionis aims to fit perfectly into iOS and uses native iOS user interface features wherever feasible.

One-time purchase: We at Actionis hate subscriptions—Actionis' full power can be unleashed with a one-time in-app purchase.



Filter and analyze your activities to get detailled information on relevant work durations and overtime.


Export your tracked activities and overtime reports as comma separated value files (CSV) for further processing e.g. with Microsoft Excel.

More Features

Time zone support: Actionis gracefully handles time zone changes—even if they occur in the middle of a tracked activity.

Notifications: Receive notifications when reaching your daily, weekly, and monthly working hours—or a few minutes earlier or later.

Find your activities: Find your activities from the iOS search—or use the one that is built into Actionis.

Widget: See your daily, weekly, and monthly work durations and overtimes directly in a widget—no need to open the app.

Actionis Pro Features

Actionis Pro is the one-time in-app purchase Pro variant of Actionis with additional features (see table).

FeatureActionis FreeActionis Pro
Unlimited number of projectsyesyes
Unlimited number of tracked activitiesyesyes
Unlimited number of tagsyesyes
Hierarchical tagsyesyes
Time zone supportyesyes
Overtime overviewyes (no automatic breaks)yes
Overtime report exportnoyes
Automatic break handlingnoyes
Database export/importyesyes
Notificationsyes (fixed time only)yes
Apple Watch: Summaryyesyes
Apple Watch: Project changeyesyes
Apple Watch: Tag changeyesyes
Apple Watch: Complicationsyesyes

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